Dynamic Betting The action does not stop after it has gotten underway

Pay Less Price Per Head, offers a comprehensive listing of live in-game dynamic betting options on a daily basis. Whether your players are looking to wager on MLB, NHL, NFL or NCAA Football or international sports like soccer in Italy, live dynamic lines offer a multitude of ways to bet as the game is being played.

The more your players can wager on, the more you can earn

All major sports around the globe

Players are able to view action in real time

Alternative lines, player props, etc.

Wagering Options - With hundreds of betting options, players are always able to find a bet the like.

The more volume, wagers place by you players, the more vig you earn, and opportunity to win more wagers.

Price : COST: $3.50 * You only pay per active user within the week.

This added feature costs a little less the option one, and suggest agent have both dynamic options available, it is well worth the added investment.

Tips setting options

You may be a little apprehensive at first to try something new, but do not be, Dynamic betting a money maker, because of the shear volume of things a player can wager on, and the VIG, often set a premium. Also, you can disable the service at any time.
Wager limits are stable, but keep wager limit low per bet, rule of thumb is 5% to 10% of there game wager limit, Favorites can go as high -1000. Nothing can be adjusted on this for favorites or underdogs, so our default setting is set at $50.

Wager limits can be adjusted for every individual player
If you have any question please contact our support team – 800 949 6285

How to Activate the Dynamic betting in Our Platform

As you can see in the image above, in order to activate the service you only need to go into your agent site, go into the Add Ons tab where you can see the boxes for each of your players and players can be turn on or off at your convenience.
CTA : ACTVATE DYNAMIC BETTING NOW. If you have any question please contact our support team – 800 949 6285