Pay Less Price Per Head Sports Contests and Pools

As a private bookie, you need to create as many different revenue streams as possible to fully maximize your efforts. By setting financial goals for your bookie business, you are setting the parameters for building a business plan on how to reach and hopefully exceed those goals.

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Pay Less Price Per Head is one of the most progressive and innovative bookie services provider in the industry. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this pay per head site brings more than 20 years’ experience in the sports betting industry to the table.

There is also a high level of expertise when it comes to developing online gaming software solutions that can help any bookie agent reach those set financial goals.

Building Revenue from Pay Less Sports Contests and Pools

Most of your revenue is derived from active customers betting on sports. With PayLess, you can use sports contests and money pools as proven way to market those bookie services. You can also use sports contests and money pools to make extra money through paid entries.

Avid sports bettors will jump at the opportunity to boost their bankroll through a contest or money pool competition. Pay Less Price Per Head provides the necessary software solutions to create these add-ons as part of your base pay per head plan.

It is entirely up to you as the bookie agent when it comes to running these contests or pools. You could provide free entries as a promotional incentive. You could also charge a nominal fee to enter. This becomes a source of profit once you payoff the winners.

Used as an incentive, entries could be tied to advanced deposits, overall betting volume and incentives on certain bets placed. For example, you could offer one entry into this week’s NFL Pick’em contest for every parlay bet placed.

You set the parameters in a way that benefits your customers and your bottom line at the same time.

Sports contests or money pools with paid entries can be closely monitored with set terms and conditions. This will protect your end from losing any money on the endeavor.

Pay Less Price Per Head Contest Options

The Pay Less software solution for sports contests and money pools covers all the most popular options.

Weekly squares for football are a staple. With 100 possible entries in each contest, there are any number of ways to run and profit from this weekly game of chance.

Survivor pools for each football season are another popular option. Often run as a money pool, this is normally a winner-take-all proposition. You can front the money and use your ‘last man standing’ contest as a customer incentive.

You can also offer a NFL survivor pool through paid entries. You keep half the money and pay out the other half in cash prizes.

There are options for weekly pick’em contests to further engage your entire betting base. The Pay Less software for forming your own sports contests and money pools offers a number of different ways to take full advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

As mentioned, this software tool is already included in your base Pay Less Price Per Head plan. This means that there are no extra costs to incorporating sports contests and money pools into your overall marketing plan.

These contests and pools can be adapted to other popular betting sports such as basketball, hockey and baseball.

For example, in March you can really engage your customer base with a few contests wrapped around college basketball.